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Macry's Nail Grinder - MacryDog

Macry's Nail Grinder

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1.Safe&Scientific: the charging way is USB charge with high intelligent and safety. You can feel comfortable to buy and use.
2.Low Consumption: the charging time needs 2 hours and you can use it in 180 minutes continuously, which can be used in a long time with low consumption.
3.Durable Material: grinding head is made of high quality material which is durable, you do not need to worry it will be damaged easily.
4.Two Choices: there are two kinds of grinding armor you can choose. You should buy a manicure without a condom for large dog, and the one without a condom is for small dog.
5.Low Noise: Low vibration and noise design make pets more comfortable and you can have a smooth work of cleaning.
Size: 13 cm/5.12"*2.8 cm/1.1"*2.8 cm/1.1"JL373W (13)
JL373W (1)
JL373 (10)
JL373 (5)
JL373 (7)
JL373 (6)
JL373 (4)

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