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Macry's Umbrella - MacryDog

Macry's Umbrella

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Dog umbrella with built-in leash.
No more wet dog shaking itself in the house!
Keep your dog happy and dry in rain, sleet or snow!
Clear umbrella body allows for full view of your dog while walking.
Now you can protect your dog from the harsh elements with a uniquely designed umbrella especially made for dogs.
Simply attach the built-in leash to the collar or harness, push umbrella into position to form a dome shape over your dog and begin walking.
Dog Umbrella, Waterproof, Convenient, Easy Grip Handle, Built-in Leash, Transparent Cove

Material: Plastic Cement
Leash Length: 22cm/8.66"
Expanding Diameter: 70cm/27.56" 
Full Length (Leash Not Included): 66cm/25.98"

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